Youth and Young Youth clubs at ICW are very popular and cater to boys and girls ages 5-13 and 14-17.


  • To increase God awareness and consciousness.
  • To develop skills to cope with peer pressure from non-Muslims.
  • To instill courage to speak about Islam to non-Muslims.
  • To cultivate effective communication with parents and teachers in resolving issues.
  • To create an Islamic social environment and increase brotherhood.
  • To integrate the Quran and Sunnah in all aspects of our teachings.

There is an energetic team that works hard to make every Friday night fun in a beautiful Islamic environment. Each week there is a lesson paired with a related activity. The goal of the Youth club is to build Islamic personality and excellent character in an enjoyable setting.

Some of the activities we have enjoyed include the following:

  1. Working with the homeless shelters
  2. Working on various crafts
  3. Bon-fire
  4. Talks by renowned speakers about Halloween and Islam, how to keep our youth safe in troubled times; Family interactions
  5. Fun field trips to kick off winter break
  6. Potluck feast before Thanksgiving
  7. Paired up with Home Schoolers of Chicago to raise money for a well in Africa
  8. 8-Family Book Fair with COL

These are just some of the few things that go on at ICW Youth clubs. Anyone involved can tell you that Friday nights at ICW are always exciting!