Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Assalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdillilah, ICW Board of Trustees has elected Br. Alaa Fahmy (Abu Yusuf) as its President. Br. Alaa Fahmy has been instrumental in the direction ICW has assumed to ensure the proper understanding of Islam and propagating Dawa.

 ICW has been blessed to be one  of the prominent Islamic organization in the Chicagoland. Since its inception three years ago, ICW has been providing various services to its community members, Muslim organizations, as well as fellow neighboring churches and other entities.

 On behalf the ICW Board of Trustees, thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to serving our community.

Jazakum Allah Khair,

Talal Almasri, Secretary, ICW


  1. Phiroze says

    AsSalaam alaykum wa rahamtullahi wa barkaatuh:
    Congratulations to Brother Alaa Fahmy (Abu Yusuf) , all the officials, including Brother Talal Almasri and incoming new board members for assuming their respective duties during a challenging time in the environment which is hostile towards Muslims in this area and Islam, in general.
    May ALLAH Sub’haan wa ta’ala protect you and the community in carrying out duties and fulfilling promises to HIM and the people.
    May you be protected from all evils and evil intentions.
    Wa Salaam.

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